Thanks to all people I borrowed props,texture, hair,clothes; If someone is missing, I apologize and please let me know my mistakes  

YunaHair and bob hair : Studio Maya :

the city textures : BECity Textures from reworked under 3dsMax5 and my own textures added)

Desk and desk chair : from baument too

Computerdesk : The 3D Studio @
Lara croft belt and guns : from Phil Hokusai Lara Croft character (I believe but can't find any longer his site) : reworked to add more items (mobile and knife) 
Helicopter : built in 3dsMax5 from Jeremy Abel : hilo.3ds 3DCafe , xxx : cobra.3DS : 3DCafe :

Knife : DAZ : swords & scabbards : 

Lifeboat : Ona : 

sayoko hair : by zippo (renderosity)
Fog : Made by Dereko other alias:(cyber11)

Thunder Strike : ?

Mad Science 2003 : ?
cap : By : soy la ley2001 at renderosity and

Thompsonmg.3ds = tommygun : by dapperdan :

Ropes (links) : by EnglishBob, Phantast et Loraxz (Renderosity)
Wood boxes texture : TS-Wood.jpg from The Shackhttp:
submarin and zodiac  : xxx : lasub.3DS and zodiac.3DS : 3DCafe 

Notebook computer : built in 3dsMax5, keyboard from computer in 3dsMax5 models libraries. 

Posette blood texture (red & black) : renderosity I feel


Other items are my own work, except the 'mountain road' which comes from 3dsMax5 models libraries and had only been textured by me, some of the textures come from 3dsMax5 textures libraries   

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