Scenario & dialogue

At the begining I didn't plan to make a long movie; I just wanted to 'film' a character in a tunnel, then I started to build a tunnel under 3dsMax and started to create an animation sequence with Posette in Poser5, but I realised that it could be better to have a suspense effect with an 'S' tunnel, I modified the tunnel, then arised two questions : what to have at the end of the tunnel and why the character was in the tunnel. At that time (december 2003) I wrote the small scenario of my movie and build the sceneries under 3dsMax.


Tracy (the heroine) is an agent of  secret services (named Intelligence Services), she's taking some rest on a sandy beach on an early monday morning while her mobile rings. Her boss is calling; she answers :

"Yes, Tracy, I'm listening...ah, that's you's hardly 8h; we're's even not fine but I'm at the beach. What !? In your office in 1/4h !?

A new mission ? Urgent ?...Ok, I get dressed again and I'm coming"  


In the city, while driving, she's called on her mobile, she answers :

"Yes, Tracy; Morning Bob. You're waiting for me in EXPORT's hall...You got an appointment on the 9th floor..".


In the hall. Bob talking to Tracy :

"Still so sexy, Tracy...well, on a mission with you; that's all I know. Intelligence Services needs us"  


In Hugo's office (9th floor), Hugo speaking :

"Our agents Y10 and Y14 are no longer reachables. They were on that affair of chemical weapons traffic, I just told you about. They leaved for the Bermuda Triangle on a patrol boat. Everything is on this CD"


In another office :

Bob : "Let's watch Y14 last video"

Y14 on the notebook screen : "During the weapons unloading, we managed to boobytrap one supplier's mobile. That's how we arrived to understand that loading was made at sea and that a secret base might exist in the Bermuda Triangle. Strangely we're loosing signal in an area that form a circle of  a 500 meters diameter, in the Triangle. We plan to go there tomorrow with a patrol boat, even if weather forecast doesn't sound good" 


In the car :

Bob : "From Orlando, we'll take off with an helico and we'll fly over the circle Y14 located in Bermuda, to try to spot something"

Tracy : "We should take ready inflated lifeboat on board; if we see fragments, I'll go down with the winch to get some"  


In the helicopter :

Tracy :   "We are exactly at the coordinates"

Bob : "All the radio lights are red! I can't pick up anything! It's like if we were in a radio jam area..."

Tracy : "I'm going down. Make the canoe follows me. I'll go round the rock island. Stay in stationary fly"


Bob : "A missile! a missile!"


Paddling in the canoe :

"Let's summarize : 2 agents investigating on a chimical weapons traffic vanish in the sea while they were on the point to make an important discovery. Y14 and Y10 were navigating on a patrol boat and suddenly :  radio silence. Firsts searches are worthless. We come across this totaly unknown rock island with its maxi interferences, but neither Y10 nor Y14 and no patrol boat; and a missile coming out of nowhere that bring down the helico. This smack of heresy"


"It looks like a mining door at the end of this channel; Stunning!!"


In front of the tunnel door :

"2 colts; a multi-functions mobile, a dagger....but what's happening? A storm ?! 


At the end of the tunnel :

" A bunker !?"


In the secret lab :

Tracy : "Oh! a labo ! ok; I'm in the lion's den, I film this and I try to escape from here..."

A guard : "Hands up! and drop your guns!" (in French : "haut les mains ! et jette tes flingues"


Tracy : "Sorry, but it'll be easier to catch your clothes"


Tracy : "Sorry, it's not sexy, but your uniform will allow me to continue visiting. No time to question you about this. Looks too risky"


Observing the secret port and it's activity :

"Incredible! a port in a cave! and an old soviet submarin...

How many are they? eighteen men...visibles...ready to make a load. That a true organisation...

If they are all here, it might be the moment to continue investigating....before finding how to escape from there"


In the room with the 2 hostages :

Tracy : "Y14 and Y10, Phew! you're alive..."

Y14 : "Who are you? A new guard? We've never seen woman here?"

Y10 : "How do you know our agents numbers?"

Tracy : "I'm Y7, I'm on your search with X11 from Intelligence Services; That's Hugo who transmitted us the file"

Y14 : "We were spotted by the noise of the patrol boat; we came in by the tunnel, and we got kept, as beginners, by 6 armed men"

Y10 : "And you? How did you get here? where's X11? where does your uniform come from?"

Tracy : "With an helico, X11 brought me and a canoe down with the winch. The helico was shut down by a missile. I paddled and found the tunnel. I knocked out a guard and caught his uniform"

Y10 : "Then it's X11 they kidnapped, an hour ago; They get back from the sea an helico pilote who jumped out before his aircraft explode"

Tracy : "Good news! well, how to escape from here? all four of us ? We should nick the patrol boat, it's in the hide till there's only a controlable number of men"   

Y14 : "You leave to each of us a gun, when  they'll get under way with the weapons load, at night; Two will come to give us some food; we'll knock out them...around 23h"

Y10 : "You find X11 and we regroup here around 23h...the remaining guys should sleep...there should be only one guard in the port"


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